Residential Painting

Residential Painting Services

Our high quality residential painting services include full range of painting services for the full home including interior & exterior house painting, kitchen & cabinet painting, walls & ceiling paintings, interior & exterior styling with decorative designs, peeling, scraping & repainting; and garages & basement paintings.

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When the old paint starts peeling off on its own or the moisture in the walls make the old paint go off-color, then a fresh coat of paint with new color combination or the newer wallpaper design can make your home as a newly built home once again. Everything gets better with the new interior and exterior home painting services by Socal Paints. Your kitchen, cabinets and hallways will surely give you a new sense of bonding with the home. We at Socal Paints will surely offer our consultancy and guidance throughout the painting job to make it much better for you.

With our highly professional and skilled painting staff, we assure you of getting a dream home finished with the style and design you want. We offer very affordable rates for the residential painting services and ready to match every competitor price to price with the same components in the arena. Convenient and Trust work hand in hand when we work with our customers to offer them the highest level of satisfaction.

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With our all in one residential painting services, specifically aimed at making your house new with modern style and design, you can rest assure that you’ll receive the best results for your house. From offering the initial quote to finishing up the painting, we will always be in regular touch with you to make things better. Our commitment to offer the high quality painting services for your each and every need would definitely make you more than a satisfied customer.