Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 3 main types of painting services as commercial, residential and industrial painting services. You can find about all the details about these 3 main services on their specific pages.

Our team uses Sherwin Williams Paint, unless requested differently by our customers. From using the best equipment and products to making sure our clients always feel heard, at Socal Paints we do everything we can to stay ahead of the game and ensure a good experience.

Depending on the room sizes and the painting area to be carried out, we try our best to complete as many rooms and painting area to be finished each day. Also, painting any room may take less or more time depending on the different painting dimensions like wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, plaster & drywall repair, etc.

Yes, we'll definitely paint inside your closets and cabinets if it is in the scope of our work as per contract.

We use high quality, low odor and eco-friendly paints for all our painting projects. Due to this, you are not necessarily required to leave the home. But if you feel uncomfortable, specially for children, then we may schedule our painting job in such a way that you can still use other room to sleep. But if there is no other option and you feel uncomfortable, then it is best to leave for a day or two as precaution is better than cure.

While the exterior house or office buildings do not need much objects to be moved, the interior room painting may require moving the furniture, TVs, Computers, Wires, Paintings, Electrical Chords, Artwork, etc. We may recommend the professional moving services too if required.

Yes, we are still providing our painting services with all the necessary precautions advised for the Covid-19 pandemic. We follow social distancing as well as touch-less meetings with the customers.

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