Choosing Unique Color Schemes for Your Home

Colors are beautiful, energizing and wonderful. Colors impact our personality, mood, emotions and energy. Home painting is an art and therapeutic activity. Humans spend most of their time at home. Due to this, it is important to choose perfect color schemes for your home. All our daily activities revolve around color. Hence, on our day to day basis we are always interacting with colors. Colors play a crucial role in everyone’s life.

Interior Home Painting Services

Home painting begins with the selection colors. Color wheels provide us with a wide range of colors to choose from. Thus, furniture, sunlight, space and lightning affect the color of the paint in the room. Hence, it is necessary to take all these factors into consideration while choosing the paint colors for your home.

Selecting Colors for Home Paint

Your personal style, personality & preferences should be your top priority for choosing colors for your home. Apart from that you can play with different colors, methods and energies to choose the colors for your home. Below are some popular methods for choosing unique colors schemes for your home.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

On a color wheel there are numerous colors  in it. One color has many variations in it. By using the colors wheel, you can choose a color like blue with different variations of blue in it.  Blue color enhances serenity, calmness and peace in a room. Based on the type of mood and energy you want in a room, you can select a specific color and paint different walls with it.

Analogous Colors Scheme

Colors that are aligned next to each other can be used in a kitchen painting and complete residential painting. Mostly 3 colors aligned next to each other on a colors wheel sheet is used in this method.

Warm, Cold and Neutral color schemes

Orange, red, yellow, maroons, lime green are mostly considered warm shades. These colors enhance excitement, passion, happiness and optimism. Blue, purples and greens are considered cold colors. These colors enhance feelings of peace, calmness & serenity. They can be used in kitchen painting or any other room of your choice. Neutral colors are mostly different shades of grey. In rooms with neutral shades, you can have different colors of furniture as they go well with all colors.

Contemporary Scheme

You can select colors opposite to each other on a colors wheel. You can choose these colors for your residential painting needs. Usually colors with high contrast are available in this kind of scheme. There will be a mixture of warm & cold colors in this scheme.

Based on your unique personality, style, taste and preferences you can choose from any of the above color schemes for home painting.